What Students Say

What I love most about life as a speaker is that in a given week I get introduced to the insights of our greater community. From a small school, to a large company, from a managers retreat to an international corporate, from a government department, to an empowering charity or an elite sports team. It’s an honor to share inspiration, it’s totally awesome when those who pursue excellence respond through a written observation.

Bethany from Birkdale Intermediate School

"Hi Cam, I was at the speech you did at Birkdale Intermediate on Friday morning. You are so inspirational and I've learnt a lot from you! I just wanted to let you know that: you are AWESOME!"

- Bethany - Birkdale Intermediate School

Tauranga Primary school Student

"I loved how you talked to us and didn't care about how you walked or talked (Everyone understood you). I found it cool how you thought for a little bit before you answered our questions. Most of the other speakers just said whatever was on the tip of their tongue. You are a great role model for kids all around."

- Leah, Tauranga Primary school


"You were my highlight speaker of the day,Your speech was ''Awesome'' which I remember was your favourite word.The speech was a huge confidence boost for me and I have definitely got a lot of hints up my sleeve on how to be a very worthy leader.Your words filled me with inspirational advice the part about ignoring others put-downs was great advice along with teaching me how to dream big and aim high.My notebook was packed to the brim about your advice on how to achieve your dreams and achieve great things in life you taught me how to dream,dare,develop."

- Claudia

Converge day - North Shore

"Cam, I saw you speak today at Massey University at the Converge day. I have cerebral palsy too, but its only mild. Before hearing you speak I was ashamed of my CP, I hated who it made me and I blamed my failures on it. I hated how it made me feel and I didn't want to live anymore. I don't feel that way now  (I was probably one of the only ones who cried today) You honestly changed my whole perspective on life and I'm not ashamed anymore cause after all, obstacles are opportunities!! Would love to meet you in person one day! Keep up all your AWESOME work!"

- Emma

Young leader

"Earlier on this year a massive exercise was held in Waiouru to celebrate 150 years of Cadet Forces in NZ. Fortunately I was selected as one of the 6 key people to take charge of around 200 cadets in total (over 1000 cadets in attendance). To be selected for this role I had to write an essay on what three attributes I thought makes an effective leader. The three attributes I wrote about were confidence, effective communication and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Listening to you speak today made me think of how you had displayed these all three of these attributes not while just on stage but throughout your whole life. You talked about emailing your role models in your life and that what has made me message you tonight. I really think you are the most awesome person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and listening to them speak. The way you show confidence by getting up on stage and speaking to a huge audience and by not caring about how others think of you just because you "walk and talk funny" as you put it.  The way you pursue excellence in everything you do from your sporting achievements down to the delivery of your presentation today and despite the fact that you "talk funny" the way you communicated your main message with the audience through your speech, props and slides was fantastic. So thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with us all today. You are the pinnacle of awesomeness Cam!"

- Joseph

NYLD Attendee

"You are truly one of the MOST inspirational people I have EVER known man!!  I listened to absolutely everything you had to say at National Young Leaders Day and I am going to write some stuff out and put it up on my wall. So I can wake up everyday and know, that "I can do it" Nothing has ever stopped you. Nothing will ever stop me Thank you."

- Dyani

Te Puke High School

I was in the audience, the speech you made was truly inspirational and has made me think a lot about the position I am in at the moment and has made me more confident within myself and what I do. I have a rare condition called I.I.H which could cause me to go blind, it has also affected my hearing & eyesight to the point that I need to wear hearing aids and glasses.  I have always felt self-conscious about wearing them in school but today was the first time I felt confident wearing them thanks to you. I realise they are not a set back or 'gay' they are Awesome.

- Gracie, Te Puke High School

Tahuna Normal Intermediate School

"Cam I just thought I should let you know that I think you are doing an excellent job, giving speeches all around the world and helping many people. If you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say "just like you", because then at least I would know that I would leave this world better than I found it. I have looked at the Carabiner Youth Mentoring website, which is where I found your email address, and I know that if it was possible I would join your team right here and now. Unfortunately it is not. I would also donate but I have no pocket money left, I spent it all on birthday presents for my brother, sister and mother. I will, however, raise awareness among family and friends." 

- George, Year 8 student at Tahuna Normal Intermediate School

Palmerston North Boys High School

“Cam, I’d just like to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to listen to your talk today at the golf club. I got dragged along by my Mum an Dad to listen to what I thought was going to be boring and an hours waste of my life, may I say that that hour would be the most inspirational and intriguing hour to this date and that if I had a million dollars I wouldn't hesitate to spend every cent on getting you to talk to my school. Your story's have given me motivation to make myself a better person, because I'm the opposite to motivated and your speech not only made me look at myself differently but made me want everyone to feel as awesome as I did at the conclusion of this night.” 

- Samuel, Palmerston North Boys High School