What I love most about life as a speaker is that in a given week I get introduced to the insights of our greater community. From a small school, to a large company, from a managers retreat to an international corporate, from a government department, to an empowering charity or an elite sports team. It’s an honor to share inspiration, it’s totally awesome when those who pursue excellence respond through a written observation.


Bellingham Wallace Chartered Accountants

“I have hired Cam to speak on behalf of our firm on multiple occasions, both internally to our team and also to our very best clients. Being a public speaker and professional presenter myself, I know what it takes to captivate and inspire an audience, and Cam does this brilliantly through a combination of his charisma, humour and the strength of his message. I would recommend that everyone without exception should hear Cam's message”.

- Matthew Bellingham, Director at Bellingham Wallace Chartered Accountants

BNZ Partners

“It was a pleasure to have engaged Cam as our inspirational speaker at our team strategy day. The main theme of our day was achieving greatness in what has become a very challenging environment. The words I would use to describe Cam are energetic, motivating, charismatic, aspiring and someone who is living proof of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Cams amazing personality and belief in life itself made us cry with laughter, while deeply feeling  some of the challenges he  faced and overcame in his life to be the success he is today. Cam left us all feeling that anything is achievable and was the perfect end to our day”.

- Richard Ede, Managing Partner - North Shore, BNZ Partners, Bank of New Zealand

Optimize Performance Development Group

“Cam has used his life's experiences to develop motivational speeches for all people but in particular the corporate world. His compelling stories relate to the reality of all our lives, challenging our thinking and inspiring his audiences to take action. Amazingly he has used the two biggest issues doctors told him he would face in life, being able to walk and talk to his advantage - He needs to be heard to be believed - Truly awesome!”

Barry Larsen 
Optimize Performance Development Group

Royal New Zealand Air Force

“Cam has an extraordinary story worth sharing, and he is without doubt a fantastic inspiration. I found his session compelling, funny, and truly motivating, and I rate him as an awesome New Zealander with so much to offer other people. He has a great talent, and I'm sure audiences around the world are going to love his message. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others!”

- Flight Lieutenant Andy Armstrong, 
Mentoring Advisory Team, Royal New Zealand Air Force

The Parenting Place

“When I think of leadership and inspiration, I think of Cam Calkoen!  Not only does Cam continue to inspire and influence young people on a daily basis through his mentoring work, but he walks the talk.  Cam is passionate about seeing young people dream big so they can achieve more!  We need more young people like Cam in New Zealand that are sold out for making a difference but are also doing the hard yards.  For the past two years it has been our absolute privilege having Cam part of our NYLD events and each year students and teachers ask us to invite Cam back to speak.  I know Cam will continue to live out his dream by seeing others pursue their dreams.”

- Annette Fale, Events Manager, The Parenting Place

BDO - Accountants, Advisers, Professionals

“Cam, I’d just like to take this opportunity to say that I thought you were awesome!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your talk & I am still hearing your name around the office…You have put everyone at the conference in an awesome head space”

- Manisha Gosai, National Accotunts Assistant, BDO

Oborn & Johnson Limited

“I have heard Cam speak on a number of occasions, and this year he spoke to a group of business clients at our mid-winter function. Cam's talk was, as always, interesting, inspirational, and hilariously funny while making very real and hard-hitting points about life and living it to the full! 
Many of those present were inspired to make changes in their own lives, and it will be long-remembered as our best-ever function”

Barbara Johnson, Managing Director at Oborn & Johnson Limited

A1 Immigration

“I have asked Cam to be a speaker for several events to various audiences, he is really exceptional, he knows how to tailor his subject to different age groups and different cultures, and he has people listening intently from the start to the finish. He is intelligent and witty and gives thoughtful and thought provoking answers to questions. Cam knows how to use humour to get his point across and I would recommend him to anyone lucky enough to have the chance to have him speak to their group”

Toni Alexander, A1 Immigration Services Ltd

Child Fund New Zealand

“I attended a Child Fund event last night and our speaker was Cam Calkoen. I just want to say what a wonderful speaker he was and fully recommend him for any event. Cam was engaging, entertaining and very inspiring, he had great comic timing and never faltered in delivering a brilliant talk that involved some very funny audience interaction. Our organization gave Cam a standing ovation and several minutes of clapping at the end of his talk, and many of us were fortunate to have a chance to talk individually with him afterwards”.

- Fiona Macfarlane, Impact Analyst, Child Fund New Zealand