What I love most about life as a speaker is that in a given week I get introduced to the insights of our greater community. From a small school, to a large company, from a managers retreat to an international corporate, from a government department, to an empowering charity or an elite sports team. It’s an honor to share inspiration, it’s totally awesome when those who pursue excellence respond through a written observation.


Master Painters National Conference 2014

"Cam was absolutely excellent our members were very impressed and found him to be inspiring. We would suggest if there was a way that as many of NZ young people could hear Cam that it should be made to happen. Absolutely fabulous".

- Brian Miller, CEO, Master Painters New Zealand Association Inc.

Ministry of Social Development - Northland Regional Office

"Cam, you are a captivating story teller and a bringer of laughter. Your words are beautiful, your delivery inspiring and your message, well, AWESOME! The staff loved you, they were thoroughly entertained and most importantly they were inspired! You are dominating the feedback from the evaluations (which are still flowing in).  Here is what they say about you: “Cam – Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome” - “Fantastic – so nice to be given some motivation” - "A W E S O M E !!!!”  (In really big font) - “Cam – inspirational beyond belief.  Gave me much to think about and aspire to” - “Wonderfully inspiring” - “Cam was fantastic.  Kept us engaged.  Everyone was awesome” - “Cam – awesome” - “Motivational and fantastic” - “Awesome –great energy”. We all took away a piece of your awesomeness from the forums so it is up to you to go and out get some more and come back next year and refill our AWESOME tanks again".

- Jodi Hayward, Community Liaison Advisor, Northland Regional Office, Ministry of Social Development

Foundation for Youth Development - Project K

"Cam Calkoen blew the audience away with his powerful speaking style and touching stories. One audience member compared Cam favourably to Tony Robbins! Listening to what Cam has achieved inspired our young people to think that they too can dream big and achieve more. The families and mentors were also moved by the speech to revive their dreams. Put simply, I recommend Cam as an inspirational speaker."

- Gillian Hotter, Mentor Coordinator, Foundation for Youth Development

Pacific Toyota

“My company has now used Cam on two different occasions. He is passionate, emotive and dam good value. I would highly recommend Cam for any business where drive and attitude produce results. Check him out on youtube!!”

- Mark Mills, CEO at Pacific Toyota

Graffiti Events

“In my previous capacity as the Event Manager for AMP Financial Services, I hired Cam as motivational speaker for the 2012 AMP Annual Conference. 

Cam came highly recommended to me from a number of internal and external parties so I had no hesitation in confirming him for our event which numbered approximately 650 people. 

Cam's presentation was without doubt one of the most inspirational I have witnessed and was a fantastic blend of anecdotes, key messages, plenty of humour and a 'kick yourself up the pants to achieve' outtake. 

Cam achieved a standing ovation from a traditionally tough audience and it was the only one I ever witnessed in my three years with the company for any of the guest speakers we used during that time. 

Having now set up my own events company, I will definitely be looking for opportunities to use Cam again as he is guaranteed to deliver fantastic results for my clients. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking for a proven solution to the often daunting task of finding quality motivation speakers”

- Adam Leslie, Managing Director at Graffiti Events

DRAKE International

"Thank you does not seem enough when conveying how we feel about Cam’s motivational speech he delivered to our staff and valued clients at the Takapuna Boat Club on 22 November 2013. Our Drake mission was to motivate and inspire our clients leading up to their busiest time of the year and we had no doubt in our mind that Cam was the right speaker for this event. From the moment Cam began he changed the atmosphere. Our clients and staff were in awe of his achievements in life and the story he portrayed of how life is what you make it no matter what obstacles you are challenged with. Cams enthusiasm and energy was captivating, he had everyone intrigued as to what he would say next – his speech brought tears of laughter and tears of compassion to such a strong inspiring individual who lives his life to the max. Cam definitely has the ability to motivate and inspire and we were lucky enough to have him share his journey in life to follow his dream and be AWESOME. Thank you Cam, you really capped off our day on a high".

- Kourtney Magasiva, 
Client Relationship Manager, DRAKE International, Albany, Auckland

Rothbury Risk & Investment Services

“Thanks so much for speaking at our conference Cam.  You are truly inspirational and really motivated and inspired each and every one of us.  After your session, a lady who is absolutely petrified of horses, actually got on one and rode it, all because “Cam would do it!” You certainly made a lasting impression and encouraged us all to dream big and give back.  I wish you all the very best for your trip to New York and thank you once again for coming to our conference and making the day awesome”.

- Rothbury Conference – Terrace Downs, Christchurch, New Zealand 

Gemba New Zealand

“Cam is a true inspiration. He is a born leader who also has the energy and drive to match both his personal ambitions and the goals of the organisations he represents. Quite simply, he sets a benchmark for us all, and then leads by example. He is someone who deserves an audience and understands how to deliver a compelling message to a group by identifying with their objectives and using his relevant personal experiences to stir and motivate. There aren’t many Cam Calkoens in the world, and so those that have worked with him, or even had the privilege of listening to his stories are the fortunate ones”.

- Richard Howarth, General Manager of Gemba New Zealand

Greg Ward

“Cam I was enthralled and highly entertained by you yesterday.  I can also say that I have seen only four keynote speakers in my career receive a standing ovation, and you are one of them”.

- Greg Ward, Professional Master of Ceremonies, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Entertainer