What I love most about life as a speaker is that in a given week I get introduced to the insights of our greater community. From a small school, to a large company, from a managers retreat to an international corporate, from a government department, to an empowering charity or an elite sports team. It’s an honor to share inspiration, it’s totally awesome when those who pursue excellence respond through a written observation.


The Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ)

"Everyone was floored, and taken to the next level by Cam’s contagious attitude and perspective on his life. Cam has a lovely presence, and he delivered a beautiful timeless message about the human spirit, and left everyone in the room with goosebumps and transformed."

- Freda Wells, Communications Manager, The Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ)


“Cam shares a personal and profoundly moving journey which resonates with every person in the audience in many different ways.  His message that life is full of ‘awesomeness’ is undeniably motivating, inspirational and full of humour.”

- Robin Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, Hydraulink

The Icehouse

"The Icehouse has been engaging the services of Cam Calkoen as a motivational guest speaker at the end of our Owner Manager and Leadership Development Programmes.  These are our flagship programmes and the standard of presenter is paramount to us.  Cam never disappoints!  What a great way to end our programmes.  Cam captivates the audience from the moment he starts to speak.  He is a skilled and totally engaging presenter deftly balancing the importance of his messages with a stunning use of humour.  He is an inspiration and his story is one that needs to be heard.  I have had the privilege of hearing Cam speak a number of times and his story still “moves” me every time!"

- Raewyn Goodwin, Relationship Manager, The Icehouse 

Harbour Sport

“Cam provided a unique insight into his life that challenged each of us to look in our own mirror and determine whether we were maximising each day as it should be lived.”

- Toni-Maree Carnie, CEO, Harbour Sport

Carmel College

"Cam is a highly gifted motivational speaker who has a conviction for what he talks about. Best speaker to date and one that is highly recommended for all ages." 

- Natasha Bowen, Sports Director, Carmel College

Waipa District Council

"Congratulations and our sincere thanks for the awesome presentation you gave to our Waipa Youth Awards nominees. Your speech was inspiring, thought-provoking and absolutely ideal for the audience. I have received a number of compliments abut our choice of guest speaker and what a wonderful job you did."

- Jim Mylchreest, Mayor, Waipa District Council 

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

"Cam was in one word ‘Awesome’.  He was very professional, personable and the way he told his story really resonated with our audience while being entertaining. It wasn’t just another “overcoming hardships” speech which was refreshing.  Many of our guests said he was the best speaker they had seen in a long time which is just fantastic."

- Jennifer Griffiths - ANZIIF

Professionals Real Estate Group - salespeople's conference 2014

"Our conference is a two day event with a Gala Dinner and Awards evening to celebrate success. The audience is predominantly motivated real estate salespeople with business principals and managers also attending. Our keynote speakers included one of the top real estate trainers in the world from the USA and also one of the best real estate coaches in Australasia from Australia. And to finish our Conference we had Cam “from New Zealand” as a motivational presenter. Cam was full of energy, told his story immersed with attitudinal and behavioral anecdotes that resonated with our delegates in such a powerful way. Cam was so AWESOME (when you see him you will understand why I have placed awesome in capitals) in his one-hour presentation that our feedback survey from our delegates rated Cam 100%. No other presenter received a 100% rating. Cam outscored the best in the world. Cam comes highly recommended by the Professionals Real Estate Group".

- Mike Henderson, Chief Executive, the Professionals Real Estate Group

AMI Leadership Conference 2013

"Cam connects with his audience with a unique and compelling story - and he was the perfect complement to the AMI Leadership Conference in 2013. Of the 3 speakers we hosted, he was the only one who received a standing ovation. He was also singled out by all attendees as one of their top 3 highlights of the whole conference. Cam was genuinely interested in understanding the purpose of our conference and what we intended to achieve so that he could customise and tailor his talk with us to meet our needs - both in time and content.  Cam inspires people to let go of all the negative emotions and beliefs that they might be hanging onto in order to grasp the opportunities sitting right in front of them. The only limitations we have are the ones that we put on ourselves. I would not hesitate to hire Cam again to complement the right event".

 - J Heller, Programme Lead - Leadership & Culture, IAG New Zealand