What I love most about life as a speaker is that in a given week I get introduced to the insights of our greater community. From a small school, to a large company, from a managers retreat to an international corporate, from a government department, to an empowering charity or an elite sports team. It’s an honor to share inspiration, it’s totally awesome when those who pursue excellence respond through a written observation.


Respiratory Conference

"Cam was fabulous. Our audience responded really well to his presentation, his awesomeness really shines through. It was good to have an inspirational speaker to help lift our spirits. Our two day conference was such a success and we received some wonderful feedback, to have Cam involved at our half way point (conference dinner) helped to add another element to the delegate experience. I didn’t really give Cam a brief.  He spoke to our members two years ago and some of those people were here again this time. Cam was able to change his presentation so that he delivered new material in an engaging way. Some comments received include: ‘I love him – so engaging.’ ‘A magnificent young man.’ ‘He touches the lives of everyone he meets.’ ‘Inspiring.’ ‘So genuine, he spoke from the heart.’ ‘So passionate and so relatable, I felt as though he was speaking just to me’ I will be sure to recommend him to others".

- Teresa Demetrio, National Education Services Manager, The Asthma Foundation

Quest Serviced Apartments Annual Conference

“Cam was an inspiration to everyone in the room, all of our delegates were  captivated with his very personable charm, wonderful outlook on life and infectious sense of humour. It was a pleasure to work with Cam and to have him share his journey with us all at conference.”

- Juliet Coulter, Administration and Accounts, Quest Apartment Hotels (NZ) Ltd 

Independent pharmacy owners business conference

"Our audience response to Cam’s presentation was I believe, nothing short of awe-struck.  The way Cam managed to convey his message and story with the right balance of humour left our audience feeling like they had hope, feeling like their problems were not quite as big as they thought and that they had lots of opportunities to change and grow for the better. I have been putting together these events for a number of years and can categorically say he is the best speaker we have had for several reasons; 1)Topic and message, 2)Heartfelt, meaningful content, 3)Cam projects his voice incredibly well and is captivating to listen to and watch".

- Clare Williams, Business Manager, Vantage Group 

APPA Senior Leadership Conference

"Cam as always spoke from the heart with power and conviction and held the attention, of what is usually a hard audience, early on a Saturday morning. There  were tears and laughter along the way, but more importantly his messages were strong and connected deeply with the audience. So much so, he received a standing ovation which was so well deserved. He definitely met our brief and shared some powerful messages which connected well to our theme and audience. He was a stand out as a keynote speaker and made a lasting impact on everyone who attended. In his own words...he was indeed AWESOME and we loved having him as part of our conference".

- Faye Hauwai, CEO, Learning Network NZ

Hereworth School

"If you want to be motivated and inspired you should have been at school tonight listening to Cam Calkoen - he was AWESOME!! Thank you Cam, it was a privilege to hear you speak."

Kate Vautier, Hereworth School

The Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ)

"Everyone was floored, and taken to the next level by Cam’s contagious attitude and perspective on his life. Cam has a lovely presence, and he delivered a beautiful timeless message about the human spirit, and left everyone in the room with goosebumps and transformed."

- Freda Wells, Communications Manager, The Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ)


“Cam shares a personal and profoundly moving journey which resonates with every person in the audience in many different ways.  His message that life is full of ‘awesomeness’ is undeniably motivating, inspirational and full of humour.”

- Robin Simpson, Chief Executive Officer, Hydraulink

Viacom International Media Networks

"Thanks again Cam – you made a giant impression on all of us."

- Joel Krutz, SVP, Financial Planning & Analysis, Viacom International Media Networks

The Icehouse

"The Icehouse has been engaging the services of Cam Calkoen as a motivational guest speaker at the end of our Owner Manager and Leadership Development Programmes.  These are our flagship programmes and the standard of presenter is paramount to us.  Cam never disappoints!  What a great way to end our programmes.  Cam captivates the audience from the moment he starts to speak.  He is a skilled and totally engaging presenter deftly balancing the importance of his messages with a stunning use of humour.  He is an inspiration and his story is one that needs to be heard.  I have had the privilege of hearing Cam speak a number of times and his story still “moves” me every time!"

- Raewyn Goodwin, Relationship Manager, The Icehouse