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Palmerston North Boys High School

Posted by Cam Calkoen on 2014-07-04 13:48:13

Palmerston North Boys High School name

Inspirational speaker Cam Calkoen shared his story to students and staff at Palmerston North Boys High School.

Cam's cup is definitely half full... there's not much stopping him from achieving his dreams and bending the perception of others to do the same. As Cam says: "Dream BIG, because with BIG DREAMS comes a BIG LIFE!"  Born with cerebral palsy it would have been easy for him to focus on all the "can't do's" in his life, particularly given his passion: athletics.

As part of Sir Peter Blake Leadership week Cam spoke to students and staff about how he pushed through his physical limitations and set his own goals which led him to represent New Zealand and be behing some lead innovation around youth development. Calkoen says “our biggest challenges are within our head, when we let go of the worry about what people may think or what they may say, we’re able to realise that it’s often through the process of atempting the seemingly imposible that the most extraordinary outcomes are achieve”.  Calkoen went on to say “there are some amazing opportunities for young New Zealanders to truly florish, we can do this through passion, inspiration and the celebration of differnece – keep it simple”.

A staff member states “How can I ever thank you enough for your presentation to 1740 young New Zealand men who were enriched by your powerful message, in awe of your dedication, commitment, pursuit of excellence, integrity and ability to come back from such a life changing disability.  We are so lucky to have been given a new tool in our toolbox with young men who are constantly saying "poor me" or I can't do it".  We will have a new line around here that just simply says "What would Cam have to say about that?"

Cam is on the journey of speaking to the youth of New Zealand as he aims to inspire people from all backgrounds to dream BIG because with big dreams comes a big life.


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