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Communication builds us

Posted by Cam Calkoen on 2017-05-20 11:42:59

Communication builds us name

How was your…

I think you would like…

I just wanted to write a short message to say…

Communication whether it be through the words we say or emotions we display is one of the the most important things for optimising our network. Be it online on in-person networks are a privilege, they are connections with people that inspire, support and guide us through life. Networks are an extension of us, they are a contributor to our personal brand and they need to be nurtured.

The other day my heart skipped a beat as I saw that I’d been ‘de-friended by someone on Facebook. It skipped a beat because to me people are way more than just a ‘like’, they are way more than a number. For me my connections are people who influence the way I think, they are people who's posts put a smile on my dial, they are people that when the world is moving at a million miles an hour, when it's overflowing with awesomeness who makes me think how lucky I am that out of the 7.5 billion people in the world I was able to share a connection with them.

I know what others mean to me but like many of us we don’t always display our true feelings, we don’t always say the words that truly impact people, we find it easier to get caught up in the little things that contribute to a day rather than embracing the big lives that contribute to us.

A relationship / friendship jolt helps us realise that it’s not about the quantity of our networks but the quality within them and it is as individuals that we build true value. I’ve made it my mission to use networks (online and face-to-face real time) not just to show and tell, but to connect with more individuals, more deeply and more regularly. The result has seen me invited to weddings, feeling greater senses of connection, gaining new opportunities for work and best of all the de-friender and I are friends again.

The other day I was in a conference and the question thrown to the audience from the speaker was “what in life would give you the greatest fulfillment personally and professionally? Then, who do you already know that could get you a step or two closer to achieve that”? It took a lot of thinking and going deep into the network of each individual but the results were awesome! We realised just how close we were to someone who could help but getting in the way of making contact to ask the question was (for the most of it) a lack of communication from us to them. However it is easier to nurture than it is to produce and regaining communication can begin as simply as;

How was your…

I think you would like…

I just wanted to write a short message to say…

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