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Celebrating our uniqueness

Posted by Cam Calkoen on 2014-05-07 09:26:40

Celebrating our uniqueness name

Here in New Zealand we may be at the bottom of the world but we are famous for what we can do with our imagination. It’s our imagination that sees us standing on the highest pinnacles, sailing the seas and flying the skies to make a world of difference.

On my last trip to New York City I learnt that it took just 13 months to build the empire state building. A building which will remain iconic for the rest of time as it was built from a unique set of plans. Much like the empire state building we too are built from a unique set of plans. Each individuals unique blueprint is composed of everything that has contributed to who we are and where we have arrived at today. When we acknowledge and celebrate what makes us unique we too can become iconic in our families, work, schools, communities.

Over this past month it has been my privilege as a guest speaker to gain insight into some of the people and work involved in the operations of a very diverse range of groups of people. From Call Centres in Auckland, to Corporate events in Timaru. National Young Leaders Forums in Wellington to Government departments and schools in the far North. I am constantly awe inspired by these people who are all embracing their uniqueness and feeling inspired by challenges they are presented with in order to provide the best service they can. Striving to the pinnacle of what they do through becoming the best that they can be. To me these are glimpses of what makes the world go round, and clear evidence of what can be achieved in a climate of collaboration and mutual respect.

It is always a great feeling when I come home to acknowledge how far and wide the influences of our people reach across the planet. One has only to pick up a local publication to read about someone from your community who has made an impact in some capacity either at home or overseas. We have strong foundations here, so lets not wait till someones name is up in lights but rather acknowledge everyone for who they are, their unique qualities, and what they strive to achieve on a daily basis.

The world is our playground and through dreaming big we can achieve more as global citizens representing a pretty iconic country.

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