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Carabiner Mentoring - 5 years of linking potential with success

Posted by Cam Calkoen on 2014-01-07 13:13:46

Carabiner Mentoring - 5 years of linking potential with success name

Carabiner came through a reflection of a few significant experiences both positive and negative which as a result the negative became a positive. Yes I really dislike reflecting on something as a negative because everything is a learning and therefor positive – still with me J?

I’d had great believers in my life (parents, teachers, friends, coaches), however I’ve also had people I don’t know and who don’t know me call me “weirdo” based on nothing more than they way I walk. Doesn’t matter how confident you are this hurts. I’d then come to hear of students been rejected from aspects of school not by their peers but by teachers who categorized them as to hard, special, disabled based on the way they walk and talk rather than seeing them for where they could walk and to whom they could talk with.

I was fascinated by what could contribute to the likes of these comments and having studied communication at Massey University (yet to complete J) I realised that a contributor was communication, communication is made up of words and words come from the dictionary. When I looked up disability in the dictionary there lay part the answer. The words describing disability included weak, unable, mentally retarded, broken.

I’ve never met a broken person, I’ve met uninspired but not broken. From that moment came the creation of Carabiner. The desirable was a mentoring that would rename disabled to extra-ordinary challenge by seeing people trump what others perceive to be logic. By celebrating what makes us awesome more and more people are going to have the comfort to dive beneath the shallowness of perception.

Carabiner mentoring is proud to foster excellence and realizing possibilities. It’s through showcasing potential, ability and success that this world becomes greater and greater.

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