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Where do you put your vision board?

Posted by Cam Calkoen on 2014-01-08 09:01:06

Where do you put your vision board? name

Vision boards, traditionally a mixture of card, PVA Glue and magazine cuttings. These (many of which go on to be collections of Art) personlised goal-setting charts are the artwork of champions. Many who I admire within various spheres of this world use a vision board to pursue excellence and indeed achieve what others simply dream of.


A dream is step one...step two is's leaving no stone unturned to get there and very rarely if at all hitting an off switch. Seeing it in our mind is one thing but vision boards give it another dimension, I like to call these photos from the future. By seeing them you can imagine the taste, smell and sounds etc. These inspire our motivation to work harder and be better.


Does a vision board have to include card, glue and cuttings that potentially lead to paper cuts? NO!!! We are no longer in the 80's and most days we look at a screen of sorts. Have you considered swapping the default background to your dream car, dream boat, dream holiday? Or what about sticking a cool bit of art on the wall that's end of your bed to make it the last thing you see before falling asleep and the first thing you see when waking up. This is what I did to belie in my first trip to New York. For $22.95 I brought a print of the Brooklyn Bridge going toward Manhattan. I could see myself there and it inspired the steps to get there.


Capture the image of your mind somewhere that can be seen by you and others, it will bring the reality of your dream a step closer.

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