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New York, New York

Posted by Cam Calkoen on 2014-01-07 13:15:45

New York, New York name

I have a goal of living in New York City because in the words of Frank Sinatra "If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere". But bigger than that is, if you want to be among the best you’ve got to surround yourself with the best.

In the Big Apple there is this echo of a law that says…”you can’t choose New York, New York chooses you”. With that everyone who is there is so proud to be there and the competition fosters excellence. For example if your selling hotdogs and your not up-to-scratch all your would-be customer has to do is walk 100m for a hit of satisfaction. Competition keeps you on your game!

New York for me is a 5 - 6 year goal in regards to having a presence of inspiration within it. Each annual trip is a small step, but what I'm learning is that small steps in environments that are outside our comfort zone transpire into big steps within environments which we are comfortable in.  

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